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Welcome to my site!!

My name is Bartholomew and I am a developer based in the GTA

As a hobbyist geek turned professional programmer (and a recent graduate of Juno College) I am looking forward to creating some more fantastic interactive websites - hopefully one for you !

When I'm not sitting in front of 3 monitors, I focus on trying to stay healthy by running and practicing calisthenics. I also really enjoy reading (both fiction and non-fiction). I'm actually in a book club if you can believe that... I also enjoy trying out gourmet cooking recipes, competitive chess and of course binge watching re-runs of my favorite shows like "Lost", "Breaking Bad", and "The Wire" (once a year gives me enough time to forget a detail or two).

I hope you have a chance to review some of my projects and I very much welcome your feedback - both supportive and critical

My Tech Stack

  • screenshot of project 1 website

    PDF Conversion

    • Accessibility

    • Pixel Perfect Replication

  • screenshot of project 2 website

    Doggo Generator

    • Accessibility

    • Pair Programming

  • screenshot of project 3 website

    The Book Spot

    • Accessibility

    • Original Design

  • screenshot of project 4 website

    Nutrition Navigator

    • Accessibility

    • Group Project

Any questions? drop a line!

Bart Batalinski


Available for freelance

My address

65 garfield Avenue South, Hamilton